Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bamboopink Summary of Jewelry Purchases and Fee Information

"Summary of Jewelry Purchases and Fee Information"

Any Box you purchase will offer you highly discounted jewelry as well as give you business supplies.

The jewelry is discounted approximately 40%. Also, if you purchase one of the 3 boxes you will then be able to purchase extra pieces (limit one per item ) of jewelry at a discount of 50% within 21 days after you receive your jewelry kit. Also, the $49 consultant fee is included in the each box price. If you purchase the couture box, all of the above applies as well as you receive your website free for one year.

Each box purchase ADVANCES you to a different compensation level.. refer to your back office for details.

So for those that purchase the designer box or fashion box.... in 60 days you will decide if you want the website Full access online parties and online ordering and lead program. If you do... then you will pay $99 for the year... roughly $8 per month. You can decline this charge and have limited access (i.e. I believe no website "store").

For those that do not want to purchase a box with jewelry and marketing materials.... To remain active with Bamboopink and receive the 25% discount and 25-30% commission on sales you will need to sell or purchase one item from Bamboopink by April 30. In 60 days you will be charged $49 for the year. You will also need to decide if you want the full access website for $99. If you decline the website you will still be able to place your orders online.

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